Winter Island is closed for the summer. We look forward to seeing you again in October 2024.

The idea

Winter Island is all about wellness, community and relaxation.
Creating a respite from the stresses of everyday life that allows us to take a moment for ourselves or simply enjoy life with those we love.

Everyone is welcome on the island and therefore it is possible to book a spot in a shared sauna or book an entire sauna for family or friends, without membership, waiting lists and closed clubs.

The café that you might recognise from the summer version of the island (Green Island) is also open under the pergola, with wind protection, heat lamps and a new winter menu with new drinks, new stone oven pizzas and salads.
You don't need to purchase sauna access to visit the café.

In the menu you can read more about the island's facilities, booking options, FAQs and more.

We hope to see you on the island.

A floating platform

The entire island floats on the surface of the water, which means you are gently rocked by the waves. This creates an extra relaxing effect when you sit in the sauna and look out over the water

Food and drink

Our pizza masters are ready to bake delicious stone-baked pizzas in our wood-fired ovens and our bartenders serve both cold and hot drinks to passers-by or after a good sauna session


We have four 10-person saunas, six changing rooms, four toilets, six showers with hot and cold water, a shiver bucket with ice-cold water, the friendliest staff and a great view

The sauna experience

The sauna experience at Winter Island is special in a number of ways. Firstly, the saunas float on the water so you can feel the rocking waves beneath you, and secondly, there are large panoramic windows in the sauna so all guests can enjoy the view of the water. In addition, we have excellent changing and bathing facilities and a staff ready to answer your questions

Food and drink

How about finishing off your sauna experience with a stone oven pizza and a cold draft beer? Or just drop by for an Irish coffee or a couple of our new winter cocktails. We've opened the café under our pergola. We've shielded it from the wind and set up heat lamps. The menu has been given a winter twist and we're ready to take good care of you.